For general maintenance a range of service are offered, including weeding, planting, pruning, lawn mowing etc. Fees for ongoing general maintenance are £25.00 per hour. This rate increases to £30 per hour for one off jobs such as extensive cutting back and pruning. I work closely with clients to discuss their wishes for their garden and how they would like to see it develop. I enjoy having a good working relationship with clients and seek regular feedback to ensure my clients wishes are being met.

Design services

For those wanting more fundamental changes to their garden I offer a range of different packages. These include:

Planting schemes

In this case the existing structure is left unchanged but a new set of plants chosen and their positions in the garden defined. The initial stage would be the selection of a group of plants followed by a design indicating their location and number.

Garden renovation 

The existing garden structure is enhanced and/or reconfigured, and either completely new planting is provided or existing planting is supplemented with new plants. The level of new structural and planting additions can be tailored to suit the clients wishes. I work closely with the client to develop design ideas and to ensure the optimum utilisation of the existing garden structure.

Garden design

The entire garden or an area of a garden is reconsidered and new structures such as hard landscaping, raised beds and outdoor lighting are planned. A planting scheme is devised and the position and number of plants indicated.